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Our approach is based on credibility, professionalism and quality

Work to attract investors

And provide specialized assistance and consultations for promotion

Side of the available investment projects

Outstanding service and specialized staff

Libya World is one of the leading companies in the region

By combining the experience and energy of our employees


We are proud

In exceeding the expectations of our customers and helping them achieve their goals inside and outside Libya.

Our goals

Advancing the future of our homeland, Libya, and opening investments in coordination with the Libyan government.

About Us
Libya World Company was established in the capital Tripoli - Libya in 2013

Libya World provides services to companies, businessmen and investors

Commercial Registry Office (Tripoli) Registration No. (46399)
We seek to work hard towards bringing investments inside Libya in all fields.
Providing high-level services to companies, businessmen and investors around the world and inside Libya,
Providing solutions on a large scale, developing communications, information technology and project management.
Some dream of success, with us the dream has come true.. We are the future, yes we can
Our mission
Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers. The mission of the business team is to serve large and small businesses that are in need of joint cooperation or provide logistical, technical and business strategy services

Company ServicesProviding High Quality Services

QualityBusiness services companies and investors are measured by the quality of their services.
This reflects on our reputation in the field of business services and investors, so we demand ourselves high-quality standards in providing services to the clients of Libya World Company.

Company ObjectivesLibya world seeks to work hard towards attracting investments.

Advancement of the future of our homeland, Libya. We have a passion to open strong financial investment inside Libya that is able to compete around the world. We seek to provide high quality services to small companies and large companies that need logistical, technical services, integrated solutions and commercial agencies.

1. Maintaining customer satisfaction.
2. Maintaining low overheads.
3. Ensure professional marketing and presentation services.
4. Providing an active and high-tech website.